what can I do for you ?


My name is Agata Muszarska and I am a one-person graphic studio specializing in visual identification, animation and illustration. I work with small and medium-sized companies and marketing departments in corporations. At work, I attach great importance to details and usability. I am not afraid of challenges and I happily accept interesting graphic orders for print or internet purposes.




The logo is the foundation of every business. When designing your company's logo, I take into account its future use and media. Together we develop a good brief. I attach great importance to colors and the selection of typefaces. I make sure that you stand out from the competition.

Visual Identity

Visual identification is the next step after designing a company logo. This is a series of elements and rules that make your image coherent. When designing visual identification, I think primarily about usability, what audience you want to reach and what media you will use. From simple business cards, through leaflets to packaging.

Social media

The best way to reach customers is through social media. Together we design a graphic scheme that will help you promote your brand on the Internet. From static graphics to animations, I will help you create the perfect template consistent with the visual side of your brand.

Web design

I design aesthetic, well-organized websites that creates a positive first impression, instilling trust and credibility. Well-designed website pays off by enhancing user satisfaction, increasing brand visibility, and ultimately driving desired actions from your audience. 


I prepare animations for social media, advertising, educational and branding purposes. Based on the brief and future application, I prepare a storyboard and develop the graphic style of your animation. I work in 2D and 3D. Nowadays, animations are a great way to attract a large audience.


A well-designed illustration is a good way to distinguish your business. Together, we choose the style that will best match the visual setting of your brand. From minimalist drawings that are an interesting accent in the background to expressive 3D ones that will catch the eye of customers.

3D Design

I design various 3D models for the purposes of illustration, product presentation, animation, etc. Using professional 3D graphics programs and depending on your needs, I manipulate light and materials, bringing your idea to life.